Privacy Settings in Girisachar Website

  • Your registered Email ID is not visible to any member until and unless you share it in Profile
  • If a user send a personal message to any other user, a noftifaication email will be send from Girisanchar site in which the email id of the sending person will be replaced with the default site email id,
  • Spam Login Filter to filter out the spambot registration
  • Email Validation system to validate the registered email Id for activating the Girisanchar account by user. This will avoid the false email registrations.
  • Viewing and writing on your Message Board in Profile can be restricted (logged in users or friends or private)
  • Report This : Can report any content in this site to admin or moderators by clicking the Report This at the bottom of every page..
  • Report User : Also can report any user on this site to admin or moderator by clicking report user button from his/her profile. Or in the User Icon menu.
  • Default Access Level of each user is public which can be changed from the setting page after logging in. Available settings are
  • Private : Only you can view your activities.
  • Friends : Your friends can can also view.
  • Logged in Users : All members can see your activities after login.
  • Public : Every one can view including guest who are visiting the site.

Security Settings of Girisanchar Website

When a question arise about the safety of your data in Girisanchar site, we are responsible to say how safe is your Girisanchar site Account and data related to your account. please read full to find how secure is your Girisanchar account

  • There will be spambot attacks to any site which are online [To know more about spambots google it]. With the help of we have blocked 99% spambot registration in Girisanchar site. Even if there is a registration, admin can delete and report that as a spammer to above site after checking the IP Address.

Result : 99% of spambots are eliminated during registration itself, by checking their email, username and IP address against the database of above site. Hence don't worry about loosing your email ID to spambots. Right now the IP address corresponding to each Member account are from India (98% in Mumbai)

  • Blocked top spamming countries like CHINA, US, UK and UAE in .htaccess file, which prevents loading of Girisanchar site in those countries.

Result : When accessed from these countries they will see a error message with a heading "Access Denied". Blocking the access from this country is done using IP range of that country in .htaccess file.

  • Blocked all countries other than INDIA in .htaccess file, which prevents loading of Girisanchar site out side INDIA.

Result : When accessed from outside india they will see a error message with a heading "STOP". Blocking the access from other countries are done using IP range (4574 lines of IP Blocks) of that country in .htaccess file.

  • Further if you want to secure your contact details like email Id, contact number, mobile number etc in your profile, there are 4 access controls in Girisanchar site which can be selected for each profile field while editing your profile. Also from the settings page you can set your Default Access Level. Example, if access level set to friends, only your friends can view all your activity in Girisanchar site. Again any posting in this Girisanchar site can be secured separately by selecting the access level for that Item. Further there is a access control option to select for groups where you are a member. If access level is selected for any group where you are a member, only those group members can view your activity.

Result : If set the correct access levels you can again secure your details in Girisanchar site Account. The available Access Control levels are Public, Friends, Logged in Users and Private.

  • Any of your INTERNET activity other than ANN site activity can be secured by using the latest versions of Internet Browsers. Use Mozilla Firefox [version 18.0+], Internet Explorer [version 9.0+], Google Chrome [version 25.0+], Safari [Version 9.0+] or Opera [version 15.0+]